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If you are not an Accountant, then starting a new venture for the first time is a very daunting task. Apart from having to implement a system to monitor business transactions, regulatory requirements have to be met. The best way (based on feedback from clients) we can help you, if you are considering a Start-up venture, is to give you the confidence and freedom to go out and generate revenue without losing time to worry about administration issues.

Why we are different!

We take a genuine interest in the performance of all client businesses. This could sound like a PR exercise if it wasn't for the fact we include, as standard and free of charge, interim Management Accounts to analyse how the business is performing during the first year. This enables us to react quickly to any adverse trading issues you may be experiencing and advise on the best course of action. After all, your success, is our success!

First Impressions!

With advances in electronic communications, the need for your Accountant to be local is a thing of the past. Apart from our first meeting (after the free consultation), we make full use of modern communications.

Visiting our offices for the initial meeting gives us the opportunity to introduce the Team who will be responsible for looking after you throughout the year.

We can help you with:

We will look at the legal set-up and ambitions of the business and advise on the most appropriate structure such as Sole Trader, Partnership , LLP or Limited Company. We can also, on your behalf, register you an off-the-shelf or completely new limited company and carry out all the relevant company secretarial work.

Where capital expenditure is required we can advise on the best methods and supply you with details of financial sources. We can also help prepare a Business Plan if one has not already been done. If you are seeking investment, it will increase your chances of success by having a well thought out, detailed Plan.

We can advise on all financial aspects of PAYE , NI contributions and VAT; check your legal responsibility for Health and Safety; look at environmental issues; advise on Employee rights; check that premises are suitable for the business venture with local Planning departments; look at intellectual property rights such as company name and logo; and make sure you have all the relevant licences to carry out business.

In the early days, it is likely a manual bookkeeping system will be sufficient to keep track of your transactions. If we are doing your bookkeeping, then you do not have to worry about keeping records. Send us your receipts and statements and we do the rest. However, you do not need to understand bookkeeping to be able to complete Bookkeeping Templates supplied to you
by Caldwell & Braham. By completing and emailing them to us, it helps keep our costs down and has the added benefit of training you to become more self sufficient.

You can make Caldwell & Braham responsible for all aspects of business and personal taxation including PAYE, NI, VAT, Corporation Tax (where appropriate) and personal tax assessments. If we are responsible for most of your bookkeeping and accounts preparation, it is likely we would take responsibility for your taxation issues. However, if you are keen to become more self sufficient, then we are always willing to offer training and advice when required.

We could advise you on mergers, acquisitions, disposals, buying –in and selling out. Being well prepared with future plans often requires several years of preparation. We can help you negotiate the transactions you are planning and sit with you throughout the process. We encourage you to use Caldwell & Braham more as a Business Advisor than the archetypal Accountant.

Why not contact us today or telephone on 020 _7253 0030 to discuss your requirements in more detail and find out what we can do for you.